Burgundy lies in the northern part of the vine's home range and the proper ripenning of the grapes is closely dependant on the weather.

Variation in the weather from one year to another will have a maked effect on the harvest. So each year's vintages will have its own special character.


We can say that the vintage is one of the biggest dimention of the wines of burgugndy as well as the soil type, ages of vines, the cultivated's methods, the kinds of treatements and vinification.






But never forget that a year by year listing is far to simplistic.

When a vintage is characterised as excellent, good, mediocre or bad, these tems summarise a general tendency over a given year.


Certain vintages have needed a long time of aging in bottles in order to reach maturity.
The best wine are the wine you drink at the good moment and the ideas on vintages must be updated constantly.