Vintage 2007 in Burgundy :


The vintage 2007 is competing with earliness of 2003. Indeed, for the second time in 5 years, the harvest began in August in Burgundy. However, this is the only comparison between the two vintages.


Changing Weather and a growth very early:

In Burgundy the weather did not spare the viticulturist, by imposing on them a control of vines particularly difficult.


Indeed, a mild winter and a contrasted spring had resulted in the earliness of the bud -break and a very fast growth of vegetation.      

This advance has been maintained for all stages of development of the vine, despite the unstable weather conditions.

Young plant producing its first leaves 17/04/07
Young plant producing its first leaves 17/04/07


April which was unusually warm and sunny, caused a speedy bud break (opening of buds) at the beginning of the month.


Within a few days the plots turned in a green colour by growth of the first leaves.


At this step, there was an advance of about ten days, compared with the average for the past decade

flowering of pinot noir grape variety - Vosne Romanée - 28/05/07
flowering of pinot noir grape variety - Vosne Romanée - 28/05/07


Despite a decrease of the temperature since the second week of June, the vine has retained its lead and the flowering started from May 20, to be finished in early June, already with rainy days.


Because we had an instable weather during the "nouaison" (transformation of flower in a small green bay which needs a relative calm weather), there was significant differences in development between different vineyards.


However, the advance gained in bud break continued.

Growers were very cautious :

Meursault after a storm in June
Meursault after a storm in June

During summer an alternation of rain and warmness had forced wine growers to scrutinize the weather to succeed in protecting their vines. The good treatment at the best moment but also when the soil is not too wet: When the straddler can enter in the vineyard.   


Because we had temperatures lower than the normal season, the sanitary conditions remained good. Mildew needs hot and humid atmosphere in order to grow.



Ripening of chardonnay grapes
Ripening of chardonnay grapes


A few days after mid-August, the ripening started.


The sugars concentration controls of  berries begun since the early August have shown a slow but steady evolution.

How will it be ?

Although 2007 could be a vintage to drink early, the red wines are already fine and elegant with concentrated aromas such as hints of black fruit.


To make quality wines, the sanitary condition of the grapes is a key factor.

That is why in 2007, most wine grower’s had practiced a drastic sorting of the harvest to eliminate unripe and rotten grapes in order to assure the quality of this vintage.


The best results were obtained with the white wines, especially in the southern part of the ”Côte d’Or” vineyard.

The white wines are creamy and well balanced with a long finish, which make us expect a great vintage.